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  1. The reply is in connection to your page on Watchtower inverstnats. The Watchtower NEVER invested any money in any of those companies. The Henrietta Reilly Trust is NOT owned or operated by the WTS. They have put noi money into that trust. It is a private grant making foundation that was set up to administer the deceased estate of Henrietta Reilly. The WTS has no control over any of the decisions made as to investments.

    The main source of income is royalties from oil.

    The trust is fully and independently operated by the Comerica Bank in Detroit.
    The WTS had no money invested in the Rand Cam Engine. The information is found on page 27 of the document you link to. Mr. McCann, on pape,r had donated the shares to the WTS and held then in trust and he had all the voting rights of shares. The WTS knew nothing about these shares. Mr McCann sold his company and the WTS neve revived any benefit from it.

    The bottom line is that they WTS is NOT guilty of blood money.


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