Virginia Senate Bill 16

  2020 SESSION history | hilite | pdf | print version 20100507D SENATE BILL NO. 16 Offered January 8, 2020Prefiled November 18, 2019A BILL to amend and reenact ยงยง 16.1-278.9, 18.2-287.4, 18.2-308.2:01, 18.2-308.2:1, 18.2-308.2:2, 18.2-308.7, and 18.2-308.8 of the Code of Virginia and to amend the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 18.2-308.9, … Continue reading Virginia Senate Bill 16

Mass Shootings

I don’t believe that one single shot was fired in Las Vegas, except in the head of Stephen Paddock, and I think he was dead before all of the chaos began. I think what the crowd heard was blanks being fired, and from the tapes I heard it was belt rounds. With 20,000 cameras on … Continue reading Mass Shootings

Getting The Guns

Clar Sisk don’t worry. That will never happen in America. For one thing, even if they decided to take them by force. There aren’t nearly enough cops to do it. Even if you added the military(which is against constitutional law) there aren’t enough people. Even if you got all the military’s on earth there is … Continue reading Getting The Guns