Supporting The Military

Patriotism is a cult, just take a long hard look at that picture, that is cult indoctrination. These men will go to a foreign country and slaughter innocent men women and children just because a suit sitting at a desk in a costume tells them too. I am 70years old, born in America, spent 4 … Continue reading Supporting The Military

Mask Disposal

For all of you fucking idiots that wear a face mask, since you believe that they are filled with an extremely contagious virus, and can infect the entire world overnight, and you want to protect your loved ones from catching this virus that you obviously have, but have yet to explain how it is that … Continue reading Mask Disposal

Contact Tracers

I come from a family of 7 cops and one Chief Of Police, and I can speak from a perspective that most Americans cannot, ALL, ALL, ALL, ALL governmental agencies have gone through the training to enforce Agenda 21, and this whole Civid thing is simply a pawn being moved on the Chessboard of Agenda … Continue reading Contact Tracers

Mask Business Oportunities

Found while scrolling – I don’t know the author, it’s a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend BRILLIANT!!! “It’s the new normal. Why can’t people just wear a mask and shut up? So much PARANOIA! Like , the masks are evidence of some huge coordinated subversive surveillance campaign that is sweeping the world! Come on, … Continue reading Mask Business Oportunities

Mask Opinion Of Others

“Fellow humans, you embarrass me with your inability to do anything other than follow orders. For your weakness. For your sheep-like mentality. I am utterly disgusted by how easy to manipulate and control you have shown yourselves to be. It’s pathetic how you wear your fear on your faces with your home made cloth masks, … Continue reading Mask Opinion Of Others