Facebook Censorship

Until it happens to you, you will glaze right over it, and never give it a thought. This is a comment I made to a friends posting, and immediately Facebook sent this message back to me saying that I violated their community standards. I am having a hard time understand just how low Facebook community … Continue reading Facebook Censorship

Cortez And Omar

People should be asking themselves, how did the squad get into office. Notice this one fact, every single day, the media splashes their face, every single day, we are bombarded by their message, WHY IS THIS ? The media is the propaganda machine of the government. All stations read from the same script, almost word … Continue reading Cortez And Omar

NWO Bilderberg

The New World Order proponents meet every year in secret to discuss the progress of the New World Order. Much like gun control, property rights, environmental regulations, building code enforcement, city planing, housing restrictions, business development, travel restrictions, police aggression, the clamping down of humanity is done incrementally, almost imperceptibly slow so as to be … Continue reading NWO Bilderberg

Microsoft & Google Are The Worlds Largest Possessors & Distributors Of Pornography

Give this a moment to sink in. Microsoft IE, BING and Google are the largest possessors and distributors of the most vile forms of pornography earth has ever seen, including child sex pornography and beastiality. Anyone with a computer or smart phone can easily and freely access this form of pornography at Microsoft and Google. … Continue reading Microsoft & Google Are The Worlds Largest Possessors & Distributors Of Pornography

Environmental Speech – No Mention Of Climate Change

In Environment Speech, Trump Fails to Mention Climate Change The address also included inaccurate claims on the state of U.S. air quality By Scott Waldman, Jean Chemnick, Adam Aton, E&E News on July 9, 2019 President Trump speaks yesterday about the environment. Credit: Michael Brochstein Getty Images President Trump delivered a major speech on the … Continue reading Environmental Speech – No Mention Of Climate Change

Jehovah’s Witnesses

This page is going to be about my involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and my current views of that faith. Something to think about. Jehovah’s Witnesses number around 8 million people that are baptized members. This of course does not include those who are not baptized, but attend the meetings just the same. They have 5 … Continue reading Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Help America Gives

America is the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen. We blame Iran for destabilizing the Middle East, as if, our billions of bombs dropped all over the Middle East, killing millions of people, have a stabilizing effect. It was Ronald Regan who said,”The most terrifying words a person can ever hear is “I am … Continue reading The Help America Gives

Laser Focused

Just heard the public service announcement from PGE regarding the claim by the government that their utilities were responsibly for the fires in Paradise. they said that they would be “LASER-FOCUSED ON PUBLIC SAFETY” No one could convince me, that that word “LASER – FOCUSED” was not a slap in the face. We all know … Continue reading Laser Focused

Jane Fonda

She was right, America had no business dropping millions of bombs on Vietnam, then turning around, tucking their tails between their legs, and like the pussy’s they are, run out of that country after they stirred up the hornets nest. I was born in this country, and America is the greatest terrorist organization earth has … Continue reading Jane Fonda

Your Underwear And 5G

Yes it is, and we are watching as the control grid for Agenda 21 / 2030 is being installed, the internet of things, 5g. When 5G is complete, every beat of our hearts, every breath we take, the moisture of our skin, the carbon dioxide we exhale, the color of our underwear, and the exact … Continue reading Your Underwear And 5G

Spoiled Brat American Children Demanding Their Own Deaths

A perfect example of the blind ignorance and stupidity of the left, of young spoiled brat ignorant Americans, who beg, plead, demand their own destruction. Here is a picture of them demonstration in the streets, demanding the institution and defense of the very institution that would put them to death. This is how ignorant, the … Continue reading Spoiled Brat American Children Demanding Their Own Deaths

Election Insanity

Here is what I think. America does not elect it’s President. We have an Electoral Collage system, whereby a handful of men select a person and place them into office. Once in office they deliver the speeches they are handed, they are puppets to the men who control the world. That is why it is … Continue reading Election Insanity

Every last single comment on this posting is a microcosm of exactly why no problem in this country will ever get solved. When a homeless person is given a burger, the millionaire wants reparations for all of the food he bought for his own family over the course of his entire life. If a man … Continue reading

YouTube Children

I would love to share this video, but the reason that I cannot is because of the background what some might call music, over riding the dialog. This sort of material is not for spoiled brat children, it is for grown ass adults, it is a documentary for educational purposes, not a movie for entertainment. … Continue reading YouTube Children

What Is The Real Purpose

I can certainly agree with that statement, but what has triggered that statement is not the fleeing of poverty, violence, or persecution, except that inflicted upon those countries by the United States of America. Those crowding our boarders are being sponsored by the United Nations Global Compact for Sustained and Orderly Migration. Making all boarders … Continue reading What Is The Real Purpose

Mentally Lazy

This is so true, that 400 people are greedy, but I also believe that the people of America, and most people in this entire world, are lazy, and they are especially mentally lazy, it is impossible to get an American to think and to reason for themselves, they must be told what to think, what … Continue reading Mentally Lazy

Free Will

God does not interfere with free will, he does not impose himself on anyone, but in the direct presence of God, there is no exercise of free will in faith. Meaning, that if God were to present himself to you in an overwhelming visible, tangible, physical way, your will to believe in him would not … Continue reading Free Will

Virginia Beach

I am not buying the Virginia Beach shooting for one second. Take a look at all of the photos of the so called victims they are obvious computer generated images. Notice also the thousands of responders in every single one of these shootings, and then the immediate staged media where they all get together and … Continue reading Virginia Beach

America Can Do No Wrong

You will of course find my comment directly under the posting, and I am sure that it will set off a shit storm of directly opposite views, but that will not change the facts, you Americans, and I am one, need to wake up, and walk away from the blind religious fervor of patriotism, because … Continue reading America Can Do No Wrong


I completely agree that children are being indoctrinated, I feel like I was also indoctrinated when I went to school, and I am 70 now. But when I look back, I never learned the truth about America until the last 8 years, I used to think that voting was good, and I used to say … Continue reading Indoctrination

Grace For World Leaders

Trump is the leader of the United States, the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen, he goes to church regularly, do you think he will be saved upon Christ return? Charles Manson read the Bible, do you think he is saved? In fact, why even read the Bible at all, if the only thing … Continue reading Grace For World Leaders


That is completely false that Jesus came to rescue the Jews, he came to end the Jewish system of things, not save the Jews, and this once saved always saved ideology has no scriptural support what so ever. The scriptures are clear, there are people in this world, and the scriptures mention them as a … Continue reading Grace

Muslim Attacks

The reason that I cannot pass this on is because it is an absolute lie, that Muslims took down the twin towers. The twin towers of 911 were taken down by the United States of America Military, perhaps even, upon members of their own family, on the heads of it’s own people while they were … Continue reading Muslim Attacks

Military Involvement

DRONES In years past the Watchtower would have distanced itself from any company or entity engaged in supplying warfare technology. Not so today! Note the following excerpts from the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION in Washington, D.C. involving a company that, among its products, is an engine used in “smart bombs”: We were organized under the … Continue reading Military Involvement

My Religion

My Religion Because of the things I write, and the things I talk about, and the terminology I use, people are always asking me, “What religion are you?” Make no mistake, I have a faith in God. Someone I love dearly once asked me, “In two words, what is the true religion.” The answer to … Continue reading My Religion

Invoking God

Whenever a person invokes God to action, it is a prayer. Some people and some dictionaries define a prayer as a religious act. If you are asking God to do something, or be something, or be somewhere, or accusing him of something, you better make sure that your accusation, request of him, is something that … Continue reading Invoking God

The Police

A WORD ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT It is the police that interact with the public, so they get the brunt of our discontentment. But the police are like cashiers at the supermarket, and there is a giant bureaucracy above them telling them what to do as policy. The police are being trained to enforce the policies … Continue reading The Police

Before You Say That

Before you say that Bob, read what I wrote. It is your government that is lying to you not me. Shame on the government for sending Americans to be slaughtered on the battlefields of foreign countries. Shame on the government for slaughtering it’s own citizens on this land. Did you read the posting I made … Continue reading Before You Say That

Things Will Get Bad

If anyone wants to read about the things I write about, go to my timeline. Click on the about section, click on the info tab and there you will see a list of my web pages. I am not hiding from anyone, I use my name, clarsisk.com and clarencesisk.com, I am real easy to find. … Continue reading Things Will Get Bad

Follow The Money

NOT ONE DIME TO ANY HOMEOWNER – RUN TO WALMART AND GET YOURSELF A BRAND NEW FLAG TO BOW DOWN TO The following is a list of loan recipients that was taken directly from page 131 of the audit report…. Citigroup – $2.513 trillion Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion Bank … Continue reading Follow The Money

Shame On The Government

Before you say that Bob, read what I wrote. It is your government that is lying to you not me. Shame on the government for sending Americans to be slaughtered on the battlefields of foreign countries. Shame on the government for slaughtering it’s own citizens on this land. Did you read the posting I made … Continue reading Shame On The Government

David Ronne

David M. Ronne David M. Ronne Born April 23, 1943 Chicago, Illinois, United States Died January 23, 2007 (aged 63)[1] Los Angeles, California, United States Occupation Sound engineer Years active 1966-2007 David M. Ronne (April 23, 1943 – January 23, 2007) was an American sound engineer. He was nominated for three Academy Awards in the category Best … Continue reading David Ronne

Glen Glenn

Glen Glenn (sound engineer) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Glen Glenn Born Glen Percy Raymond Glenn November 25, 1907 Chipman Queens County New Brunswick Canada Died August 21, 1960 (aged 52) between Chipman and Minto New Brunswick Canada Occupation Sound recordist Spouse(s) Mary Helen McCorkle (?-1960; their death) Glen Percy Raymond Glenn (November 25, 1907–August 21, … Continue reading Glen Glenn

Glen Glenn Sound

Glen Glenn Sound   Todd AO Hollywood today (former Glen Glenn headquarters) in Hollywood. Note the “Todd AO” logo above. Glen Glenn Sound was an audio post production company. The company was co-founded by Glen R. Glenn and Harry Eckles (sound recordist) in 1937 and provided creative audio services to the television and film industry … Continue reading Glen Glenn Sound

The Norway Theater

The largest theatre afloat until the advent of the most recent “super” ships, the FRANCE’s Salle Spectacle could seat 660 in its two levels. Of course, the Verandah Deck balcony was for First Class and the Promenade Deck main level was for Tourist. Structurally, not much has changed other than the balcony extensions on either … Continue reading The Norway Theater

Walter P. Siegmund

Walter P. Siegmund Brief Bio 1925 – 2012 Read more at in70mm.com The 70mm Newsletter Written by: Walter P. Siegmund Date: 03.10.2008 Walter Siegmund (left) and Gilbert Clotar posing for the Bug Eye lens next to the Baush and Lomb building at the University of Rochester. Note camera shadow next to Gil. Image thanks to Walter … Continue reading Walter P. Siegmund

Todd AO – The Beginning

Todd-AO How It All Began #1 Read more at in70mm.com The 70mm Newsletter Written by: Brian O’Brien, Jr. American Optical Company. Brian O’Brien, Jr. was employed at American Optical Company during the development of the Todd-AO process 1953 – 1957. He was generally in charge of planning and development of picture production equipment. Issue 42 … Continue reading Todd AO – The Beginning

What Is Todd AO

What is Todd-AO? This article first appeared in ..in 70mm The 70mm Newsletter From The “Oklahoma!” Brochure Issue 67 – March 2002 Todd-AO is the perfected film process that give you – the audience – a sense of participation in the action, the feeling of presence in every scene. TODD -AO is a practical scientific … Continue reading What Is Todd AO

Todd AO

Serving the Hollywood creative community since 1952, Todd-AO provides creative post production sound services to producers of film and television, including sound supervision, sound editorial, sound design, ADR, Foley and Re-recording/Mixing. Todd-AO was founded in 1953 as a joint venture of Michael Todd and the American Optical Company for the purpose of developing and distributing … Continue reading Todd AO

Andrew Berliner – Console

THE FADER PANEL It should also be pointed out that none of these circuits in the console were “cookbook” circuits. Everything was in depth original development by Andrew, Dean, Carl, myself, and some other people who came and went… and there were plenty of instances where we were each surprised at some clever fine point … Continue reading Andrew Berliner – Console

Time Code – Andrew Berliner

A PLAY-BY-PLAY DESCRIPTION OF ONE SCAN OF THE CONSOLE The twelve-bit analog to digital converter using high speed multiplexing techniques, samples and digitizes the control voltage of each of the six submaster faders, 40 input faders, and four line control faders in order. The sequential sampling produces a flow of words. A word is the … Continue reading Time Code – Andrew Berliner

Crystal Recording Studios – Andrew Berliner

HOME     ABOUT     APHEX     CABLES     CRYSTAL     FREQ CHART     JL AUDIO     SURROUND     TEST CD     WHITE PAPERS Crystal Studios – My Story including the Recording Engineer/Producer April 1978 article reprint Note: my comments are in this purple font. The article, reprinted below, is in black. It was a dark and stormy night.  It was Boston, in the winter of 1976-77. I stood on the corner of … Continue reading Crystal Recording Studios – Andrew Berliner

Andrew Berliner

War – Youngblood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) United Artists Records 1978 High Inergy – Frenzy Gordy 1979 Bangles – All Over The Place Columbia 1984 David T. Walker – Ahimsa Half Moon 1989 Bangles – Two Originals: All Over The Place & Different Light CBS 1989 Devin Payne – Waitin’ For Dark ‎(CD, Album) Devinstated … Continue reading Andrew Berliner

Andrew Berliner

Andrew Berliner Engineer Co-founded Crystal Studios, Hollywood, California, along with John Fischbach Andrew Berliner Discography 44 Credits Remix Superstar Silver Metre – Silver Metre Lizard Records (4) 1998 Technical Godz, The – Contact High With The Godz ESP Disk 1966 Godz, The – Lay In The Sun / I Want A Word With You ‎(7″, … Continue reading Andrew Berliner

Andrew Berliner

AndrewReichmanBerliner http://www.legacy.com/mymemorials/FacebookPortal.aspx?currentUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.legacy.com%2Fobituaries%2Flatimes%2Fobituary.aspx%3Fpid%3D467304&displayHoverText=true Obituary Guest Book The Guest Book is expired. Restore the Guest Book Berliner, Andrew Reichman Mr. Andrew R. Berliner, of Division Street in Great Barrington, MA, died Friday August 30, 2002 at Fairview Hospital from a heart attack. he was 55 years old. Born September 26, 1946 in Brooklyn, New York he was … Continue reading Andrew Berliner