Does Trump Know About Chemtrails

Chemtrails are being done by the United States Military. Trump is the Commander & Chief of the United States Military, there are pictures of Trump inside of a chemtrail plane, so yes Trump knows all about this, as does everyone in Congress and Senate. Now as to Why the chemtrails ? Chemtrails do many different … Continue reading Does Trump Know About Chemtrails

Eric Video

I have been following you for a few years now, and I have been on board with you 100%, until this video. I completely disagree with this video. You are as wrong as you can be if you think that the governments of this world will not lie to and mislead the people to their … Continue reading Eric Video

Mask Disposal

For all of you fucking idiots that wear a face mask, since you believe that they are filled with an extremely contagious virus, and can infect the entire world overnight, and you want to protect your loved ones from catching this virus that you obviously have, but have yet to explain how it is that … Continue reading Mask Disposal


I post this only to say that this is happening all over America, even in my small town, fireworks that are commercial, like Disneyland type, that no one in this town could afford to set off, or even purchase. This is being done by some governmental agency to destabilize the psyche of the populace, it … Continue reading Fireworks

Mask Business Oportunities

Found while scrolling – I don’t know the author, it’s a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend BRILLIANT!!! “It’s the new normal. Why can’t people just wear a mask and shut up? So much PARANOIA! Like , the masks are evidence of some huge coordinated subversive surveillance campaign that is sweeping the world! Come on, … Continue reading Mask Business Oportunities

Mask Opinions From Others

“Fellow humans, you embarrass me with your inability to do anything other than follow orders. For your weakness. For your sheep-like mentality. I am utterly disgusted by how easy to manipulate and control you have shown yourselves to be. It’s pathetic how you wear your fear on your faces with your home made cloth masks, … Continue reading Mask Opinions From Others


It was almost 10 years ago that I began to write about the United States of America importing Islamic males of fighting age into America under the cover of darkness transported by the United States Military and in empty UPS and Postal planes returning from foreign countries with empty cargo bays, by the tens of … Continue reading Riots

Wearing The Mask

You have no idea what you are actually doing, what you are supporting, what you are participating in, what you are being obedient to, what signal you are giving to the government, where the wearing of a mask originated from, what it’s actual purpose is, and where this is going to lead us all, wearing … Continue reading Wearing The Mask

Leaving A Cult

“Once you accept it was all a lie” “however, everything you’ve ever been taught was a lie” a quote from your comment. And this is the reason for the difficulty in recognizing that something is wrong in the organization, because it was not all a lie. Almost everything taught by Jehovah’s Witnesses is scripturally based, … Continue reading Leaving A Cult


If there are things that you don’t hate, you have along way to go to come up to being human even. Hate is a human emotion, and it is God given for a reason. It is not only a good thing, but a necessary thing to emulate the emotions of God, the one who gave … Continue reading Hate

Military Mandatory Vaccine

AMERICA’S MILITARY VACCINE MANDATE? DEPT. OF DEFENSE PURCHASING 500 MILLION APIJECT SYRINGES [WITH OPTIONAL RFID TAG] TO INJECT EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA WITH CORONAVIRUS VACCINE Mike Adams Article + Video * May 14, 2020 Anyone who thought the US military was preparing to force vaccinate every American with a coronavirus vaccine has just found strong … Continue reading Military Mandatory Vaccine

Virus Delivery Pods

Exactly, but beyond that, we have been sprayed with all sorts of bacteria and viruses for decades now. People make the claim that a virus cannot be transmitted through the air, and OK, lets go with that. But have you ever taken a vitamin E capsule ? Now imagine that capsule reduced to the nano … Continue reading Virus Delivery Pods

Overwhelmed Hospitals

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — Cookeville Regional Medical Center confirmed reports of layoffs to approximately 400 employees on Monday. “Cookeville Regional Medical Center has made the difficult decision to temporarily reduce staffing in response to a decrease in patient volume from the COVID-19 situation,” the hospital said in an official statement released to FOX 17 News … Continue reading Overwhelmed Hospitals

Chemtrails And Viruses

This person knows nothing about nano technology nor chemtrails. Viruses can be delivered into the human body by breathing them in. Viruses are suspended inside of nano tubes along with red blood cells, breathed in, the nano tube dissolves, then the virus is released. Have any of you ever taken a prescription drug, or a … Continue reading Chemtrails And Viruses

The Virus Patent

US10130701B2 United States Download PDF Find Prior Art Similar Inventor Erica Bickerton Sarah Keep Paul Britton Current Assignee PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE Worldwide applications 2014 GB 2015 BR CN MX AU DK WO CA US EP KR PT JP Application US15/328,179 events 2014-07-23 Priority to GBGB1413020.7A 2015-07-23 Application filed by PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE 2017-08-03 Publication of US20170216427A1 2018-11-20 … Continue reading The Virus Patent

Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci Fauci in 2007 Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Incumbent Assumed office November 2, 1984 President Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush Bill Clinton George W. Bush Barack Obama Donald Trump Preceded by Richard Krause Personal details Born Anthony Stephen Fauci December 24, 1940 (age 79) New York City, U.S. Spouse(s) … Continue reading Anthony Fauci

Deborah Birx

Deborah Birx served as a physician in the United States Army, rising to the rank of colonel before she retired from military service. She started her career with the United States Department Of Defense as a clinician in immunology, focusing on HIV / AIDS vaccine research. She then served in the Department of Allergy and … Continue reading Deborah Birx

The Virus

Take from this what you can. I am posting this just to show, that America has a long history of unleashing biological weapons on the entire world, including it’s own people, just ask anyone who served in Vietnam about agent orange. You must look at this country through a crystal clear lens, don’t let your … Continue reading The Virus

The Real Truth Behind The Corona Virus

Once you understand the globalist mindset, almost everything they do becomes rather robotic and predictable.  It should not be surprising that the World Health Organization (WHO), a branch of the United Nations, has been so aggressive in cheerleading for the Chinese government and its response to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, China’s communist surveillance state … Continue reading The Real Truth Behind The Corona Virus

Facebook Censorship

So let me get this straight Facebook, you are knowingly, deliberately, willfully hiding the truth from people. That is what censorship is, it is the very definition of censorship. It is a publishing company that censors content, not a social platform. There is an old saying, “Truth Is Treason Under Tyranny” and when the truth … Continue reading Facebook Censorship

Childhood Gender

Hats off to you, you are making the right choice, but I would like to offer this comment as well. Even with God, what he found out was that there comes a time when words are no longer enough, when words cannot change hearts and minds nor stop the evil doer from his evil deeds. … Continue reading Childhood Gender

Facebook Censorship

When a person takes an honest look at the postings on Facebook that could legitimately qualify as hate speech, even hateful actions, it becomes clear what the real intent is of silencing conservative views. Take a look at the advertisements alone that litter Facebook, those things clearly represent hate, but Facebook profits from that hate. … Continue reading Facebook Censorship

Facebook Postings

Clar Sisk updated his status. I suggest that you think about what you are saying here Paul. Here is what you said “The Republicans are traitors. They are not protecting our Constitution! They will be so vilified in the future.’” let me remind you, neither party is protecting our constitution, they both are shredding our … Continue reading Facebook Postings

Facebook Postings

A COMMENT TO PAUL Clar Sisk updated his status. I suggest that you think about what you are saying here Paul. Here is what you said “The Republicans are traitors. They are not protecting our Constitution! They will be so vilified in the future.’” let me remind you, neither party is protecting our constitution, they … Continue reading Facebook Postings

Facebook Postings

Clar Sisk updated his status. I suggest that you think about what you are saying here Paul. Here is what you said “The Republicans are traitors. They are not protecting our Constitution! They will be so vilified in the future.’” let me remind you, neither party is protecting our constitution, they both are shredding our … Continue reading Facebook Postings


I suggest that you think about what you are saying here Paul. Here is what you said “The Republicans are traitors. They are not protecting our Constitution! They will be so vilified in the future.’” let me remind you, neither party is protecting our constitution, they both are shredding our constitution. The mere fact that … Continue reading Voting


Whenever thousand of policemen, hundreds of EMT and Police cars show up, and massive media attention from the main street media, and all of the suits of the alphabet agencies show up at a site all at the same time, for one single supposed shooter, this is all staged theater to perpetuate an agenda, prepared … Continue reading Saugas

Unscriptural Lies

You have to shred the scriptures to believe that Jesus is God. If Jesus were God he would have said so. Man killed Christ, could any man kill God ? Jesus had brothers, could God have brothers, that would mean that God also had parents. Jesus never once said that he was God, he said … Continue reading Unscriptural Lies

Drug Cartels

The best way to deal with this sort of horrible atrocities is to look behind the curtain, and see who is really pulling these strings. Like I have said a thousand times before, I come from a family of 6 cops and one Chief Of Police, I can speak from a perspective that most Americans … Continue reading Drug Cartels

Over Crowded Earth

I read the article, and id does have valid points if the world were truly overpopulated, then perhaps that scenario could very well play out, after all, if you fill a house with teenagers that are not allowed to leave that house and their every need was provided for, then certainty, someone is going to … Continue reading Over Crowded Earth

Facebook Comment

What ever happened to the great Trump plan for peace in the middle east and to solve the Palestinian question?? He said a few days ago, ” I like oil, we are going to keep the oil” America is in the middle east for two reasons and two reasons only, and it does not matter … Continue reading Facebook Comment

Do I Support Muslims

No , I am not in support of Muslims, I have written at the very least more than a hundred thousand words on this topic. Any religious cult, which Islam is a religious cult, that cuts off the pussies of it’s females and little girls, and forces it’s women to live out their lives under … Continue reading Do I Support Muslims

If China Invaded Us

My gawd, have you not even read a single word I have written. Patriotism is a blind ideological religious cult. And as in any cult, the people who are indoctrinated and immersed in it, cannot see past it, no matter what the evidence is that they are in a cult. American exceptionalism is a religious … Continue reading If China Invaded Us


Ask yourself the question, why the hell were any of those people in Benghazi for in the first place, what were they doing, what have they done, to make those people hate them. Let me give you idiots who have not the capability to think and reason for yourselves, who get your education from CNN … Continue reading Benghazi


Don’t be ridiculous, the United States is in bed with the Taliban, and Soros has nothing to do with the wars in the Middle East, that is not his interest. His business is to take down the United States from the inside. You might think that I am anti- American from the comments that I … Continue reading Soros


Keep this in mind, it was the republicans that were in office when the United States Military brought down the twin towers on the heads of it’s own people, and as far as the military knew, members of their very own family could have been in those buildings, or walking down the sidewalks, then as … Continue reading Voting

Syrian Oil

He said a few days ago, ” I like oil, we are going to keep the oil” America is in the middle east for two reasons and two reasons only, and it does not matter who is our President, We are there to take and control the oil, because the stability of our dollar is … Continue reading Syrian Oil

Love America Or Leave It

It’s not about a country, it is about being moral upright people doing the right thing. America has a two party system, Democrats are Americans, Republicans are Americans, when I speak of Americans, I am speaking about all Americans. I don’t say anything that is not absolutely true. Regan was a Republican, the de-industrialization of … Continue reading Love America Or Leave It


I don’t think the rising sea levels will flood the continents, but this Greta Thunberg is a puppet of the United Nations, and it is a great big mistake not to listen to her. She is reading the script she is being handed, and the people who are handing her that script are serious about … Continue reading Greta


At the end of the one thousand year reign of Christ, he hands the Kingdom of God back over to his Father, after he has brought mankind back to a righteous standing before God, then God will deal directly with each one of us, you can talk to him directly without the mediation of Christ, … Continue reading Celebrations


I am proud of you for being so young, but at the same time so knowledgeable, I will watch more of your videos, but I want to say this. To this very day, in eight years of investigation of this topic of Climate Change, I have never even met anyone protesting about it in the … Continue reading Sweden

Facebook Tracking

In 2013 a friend of mine sent a picture to me on Facebook of a Simpson 260 Volt Meter, he is dead maybe 5 years now. 4 days ago, I was looking at a Simpson 260 Volt Meter on Ebay. Yesterday I get a notification in my inbox of the original picture my friend sent … Continue reading Facebook Tracking

Popular Vote

This last year I came to understand the electoral collage, although I still believe that the electoral collage means that Americans do not elect their president, our votes do not count, they go directly into the trash, this entire presidential election process is all staged theater to placate the masses. It only takes 270 votes … Continue reading Popular Vote


The rents are out of control. But the problems is not with the landlords, the problem lies with the renters, and here is why. Landlords are seriously outnumbered by renters. Rents take more money than a single person makes in a month alone, why on earth do you people continue to put up with this. … Continue reading Rents

David Brower

As I have said many times before, under Agenda 21 sex between males and females will be controlled by the government and un authorized sexual contact, even by married couples, will be illegal and punishable by law. You people have no idea what the 5 G network is going to do to you, but you … Continue reading David Brower

Can We Escape

As you continue to do your research you will find that Agenda 21 is a global initiative, being impressed upon the entire world. Go to YouTube and type in “The Wildlands Project” it will reveal to you that under Agenda 21 people will live in densely populated cities, “SMART CITIES” that are being built all … Continue reading Can We Escape

Ant Gee

Contrails do not persist, that my dear is impossible, scientifically impossible. Another scientific fact is that for a condensation trail to exist in the first place it has to be high enough in the atmosphere to freeze water vapors. Chemtrails on the other hand, do not contain frozen water vapors because they are sprayed at … Continue reading Ant Gee


I live in oil country, any housewife in my town, can climb up on a backhoe and dig out that plane, if it existed. The media hype about how that plane buried itself so deep into the ground that we simply do not have the technology to dig it out, is hysterically insane, as are … Continue reading Shanksville

Eternal Torment

I am not ignoring you, you just wrote allot to comment on. This will be just a short comment, then I will try to address your comments in more depth. In the 55 years that I have been a student of the scriptures I have learned many valuable lessons. One of the largest most profound … Continue reading Eternal Torment

Cortez And Omar

People should be asking themselves, how did the squad get into office. Notice this one fact, every single day, the media splashes their face, every single day, we are bombarded by their message, WHY IS THIS ? The media is the propaganda machine of the government. All stations read from the same script, almost word … Continue reading Cortez And Omar